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Our electrical, mechanical, refrigeration and building thermal surveys will detect problems and ‘hot spots’ in equipment and energy loss before detection by any alternative means. It is a cost effective and non-invasive method of preventative maintenance which is completed quickly, efficiently and safely. Reduce the risk of costly breakdown, fire, explosion and injury.


We provide a specialist thermography service for projects that require a more detailed level of inspection. We’ve worked with many national companies to provide trouble shooting and investigative testing services.  Capture and analysis of such data enables broader innovative problem solving capabilities.




Thermoview conducts Ultrasonic testing alongside thermal imaging for electrical and mechanical inspections. Using our specialist ultrasonic instruments tracking, arcing, partial discharge and corona can be detected and the potential for arc flash incidents can be considerably reduced.





Thermoview offers a range of non destructive condition monitoring services incorporating Vibration Analysis, Oil Analysis and comprehensive Thermographic survey methods.  Condition monitoring is the process of determining the condition of machinery while in operation, providing maximum productivity for the life of your capital asset.  


Thermo-camera training software inspections


Thermoview supplies a range of thermal imaging cameras(hand held and fixed) to suit a variety of user requirements. Our knowledge and experience in the field of thermography enables us to fully understand your requirements ensuring you get the best advice possible before investing in the purchase of an infrared camera.








We offer a wide variety of infrared training courses, from custom in-house short courses to Level 1 and Level 2 certification courses and can meet all your training requirements. We provide training that gives your team the confidence and competence you require.









A unique Asset Inspection, Management and Reporting System which provides unprecedented service and information to assist in your asset management program. It is an enterprise database system using the power of mobile pocket computers which allows technicians to take the complete database right out onto the site, giving access to all past history, images and providing trending data to assist in life cycle asset management.



The H.VIR Infrared Window is a patented transparent inspection window which enables permanent access for inspection of electrical components in a safe and simple way without disturbing operations.